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What we did

Here you'll find our carnival how-to's! They are step by step guides to help you make a great carnival. There are lots of video's too, so get clicking!

About Carnival

About Carnival

What is carnival?

Carnival is about expressing yourself through drumming, dancing, making costumes, storytelling, dj-ing and watching the fun!

BTP Storytelling


How do you tell a Carnival Story - Here's how to...!

How carnival started

How carnival started

BTP Head Dressing

Head Dressing

Headresses are just the start of your carnival costume! Has your head ever looked this good?

BTP Flag Making

Flag Making

Make flags to wave high in the air! Everyone will see you coming.

From page to parade

From page to parade

Always develop your first thoughts so that they turn into the best ideas!

BTP Songs

Shout Out Songs

Shout out songs nice and loud so everyone can hear what you have to say!

BTP Drumming


Drums make a really great sound and a samba band makes the perfect addition to a carnival parade.

BTP Dancing


With all this great music you will be listening to, you won't be able to stop yourself from dancing along!

BTP Facepainting


Paint your face with facepaint to really complete your carnival costume! Bright, bold colours are the best!

BTP Mapping


Make a carnival map to make it easier for you to follow the parade route!

Trip to Rio

Trip to Rio

Look at all the fun we had on our trip to see a real Rio carnival.

Samba school t-shirt

Our Sarava St George T Shirt

We need to choose our Samba School TShirt for 2012.

Samba song

Samba song

The samba song we sing is called an enredo. Learn the words and sing along!

St George's Bean party

St George's Bean party

Bean parties really start carnival off with a bang! Sit down with your bean party team to organise it all!