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BTP Dancing

  • How to Carnival Dance

    Learning some dance moves for the Carnival Parade

  • What clothes to wear!

    It's important to wear comfy clothes and have trainers that will help your feet move

  • Music to Groove to

    If you have live music, great. If not, look for some on youtube or a computer. Get someone to help you

  • Listening to the Music

    Listen to the different beats

    Listen to the music over and over, this will help you work out how to match your moves to the music

  • Watch and Listen together

    Look at what others are doing and the leader

    Don't worry if you're finding it hard. Have a look at what other people are doing. Don't give up, keep going!

  • Using your hands is an important part of Carnival Dancing

    Hand up

    Put your hands up and forward

  • That's right, up and forward, so you can see your fingernails

    You're doing good

    This might make your arms ache a bit!

  • It's time to get Moving

    Move across the floor

    Feel the beat, move from your hips