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BTP Drumming

  • Blue Touch Paper Drumming

    Getting started with drumming

    How to Drum as part of the Carnival Parade

  • Warm up your Fingers

    It's important to warm up your fingers and hands so they are ready to drum

    Move your fingers like this

  • Focus and get into the drumming mood

    You'll have to watch and listen as best you can

    Work as a team

  • Warm up your Drum

    It's important to warm up your drum so it plays well

    Move your hands over the hide like this

  • Tilt the Drum forwards

    If you tile your drum forward, the sound will be better

    Like this!

  • Get in a circle

    If you get in a circle you can see each other and follow

    It's good to drum together!

  • You beat your drum, I beat mine

    Taking it in turns

    Drumming together, watch listen, feel the rhythm follow the leader

  • Tone drumming is a high sound looks

    Using your fingertips on the side of the drum makes a high sound

    Look at how it's done!

  • Bass drumming is a low sound

    Using your fingertips on the middle of the drum makes a low sound

    Look at how it's done!

  • Write the beats down if it helps

    Find different words to show where the beats go

    Do it again and again, have fun!

  • There are different ways to play a drum

    You don't have to play with your hands

    You can use beaters!

  • Don't worry if your hands are not so strong

    Everyone can drum

    Find a way that's right for you!

  • You can use a different drum

    Find a drum that suits you best

    A different drum sound is a good thing!

  • Drum together again and again

    Practice makes it easier

    Have a go. If you're not sure, watch our film! Click on the link.