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BTP Flag Making

  • Making a Flag for the Carnival Parade

    Get ready to make and wave your flag

    All you need to make a flag is here!

  • Getting Started

    Go and find all the things you need

    You will need some cane, some ribbon, some kite material, some pen, scissors, sticky tape and a few friends to help you

  • Decorating your Cane

    Get your ribbon and your cane

    Cut off a long piece of ribbon

  • Wrapping the ribbon around your Cane

    It's a bit fiddly but you'll soon be on your way

    Fix the ribbon end to your cane with sticky tape first and then wrap the ribbon around your cane

  • Flag material

    It's light, it's bright, it's waterproof! Just right for when it rains

    Put your flag material out on a big table

  • Mark your flag shapes on the material

    How do you make your lines straight?

    Find longest ruler you can find and use your chalk to mark out the flag shapes you need

  • Get shaping

    get people to help you out, holding the ruler

    Straight lines make for better flag shapes.

  • Cut flag shapes out with scissors

    Get help if you need it, be careful

    Cut out as many flag shapes you want for your cane

  • Fixing the flag shapes to the cane

    You'll need double sided sticky tape this time

    put tape on the fat end of the flag shapes and put the cane across these sticky bits, like this

  • Add shiny ribbons inbetween the flag shap gaps

    Make your flag stand out in the crowd

    Adding ribbon will make your flag shine, even if its raining!

  • Try waving your fab flags with your friends

    Wave your flag, move your body

    Now hit the parade!