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BTP Head Dressing

  • Make a show stopping hat for the carnival parade

    You're going to look good

    Ready to look this good?

  • What you need

    Ribbon, feathers, card and shiny bits...

  • And...

    A long piece of card and some tape that is sticky both sides

  • Make the hat bit

    Cut a strip to fit your head. Get someone to help you stick it together

  • Make it stronger

    Add another strip so it really fits your head

  • Add things to your headdress

    A piece of card at the front would be good

  • Build it up

    Add more card shapes

  • Take your ribbons, sparkles and bits

    Arrange them how you like, on the laminator paper.

  • A laminator?

    It's a hot machine that fixes the bits in place

  • Now what?

    Cut this out in shapes and add to your headdress

  • What are you waiting for?

    Grab a friend and hit the parade!