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About Carnival

  • Carnival is....

    about expressing yourself and your life and what matters to you.

  • Carnival is

    about celebrating our differences and being free to say what we feel and think

  • Carnival is

    part of our global history: it's about people who have been left out, coming forward and sharing their culture through a big party style parade.

  • Carnival is about Drumming

    From Trinidad Steel pan to African Djembe drums to Brazilian Surdos, drumming gets the Carnival beat moving through your body. You can even use saucepan lids and tin cans to make a rhythm - have a go!

  • Carnival is about dancing

    Carnival Dancing gets its shape and style from Caribbean and Latin music like Calypso and Samba. It looks and feels different to other dance styles and it involves alot of movement in the hips

  • Carnival is about costumes

    Dressing up to show your culture and who you are has always been an important part of Carnival. When you wear a costume, people say you forget who you are and you can be free!

  • Carnival is about DJ-ing

    DJ-ing is a big part of Carnival today. A DJ holds the parade together and keeps the party going!

  • Carnival is about circus

    Circus Skills are an important part of Carnival. Like all Carnival Skills - practice makes perfect. Juggling, balancing, spinning, stilt walking and Moko Jumbies. Circus Skills make Carnival really exciting to watch!

  • Carnival is about watching

    So if you are not in the parade. You can still take part! Watching is all part of being part of Carnival. You can whistle, cheer, sing, sway, do your thing. Carnival watching means feeling and being right at the heart of the party parade