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BTP Shout Out Songs

  • How to make a Shout Out Song for Carnival

    Carnival is about sharing your feelings

    What matters to you?

  • Give yourself and each other a DJ name

    It might be your name, an animal name, or something else

    Meet our DJ gang!

  • Introducing DJ Shane Ritchie

    Nice picture!

  • Have a think about what makes you happy, angry or sad

    Finding the words and moves to make the groove

    Get a friend to help you

  • Work together

    Lots of different ideas will come out

    Find a line that you can add to the whole song

  • There's a lot that we want to Shout Out about

    Life is hard sometimes

    Shouting out what you want to change is a good thing!

  • Listen to different Shout Out song styles for Carnival

    What sort of song do you want it to be?

    Find some Carnival DJ MCs - like Fuzzie Barz pictured here! We can help you find people to work with you.

  • Find a line that really works for you

    You can then record this or shout it out when it's your turn

    Practice saying it again and again

  • Give your MCs and DJs time to find the right song

    Make sure you like what they do and agree to it

    Here's Tafastar, Fuzzie Barz and our very own Coco P, trying to make our words fit with a really good rhythm!

  • Stand together

    It's sometimes hard to Shout Out

    Support each other!

  • Have a go at putting your words to a beat and rhythm

    Stand up and Shout Out!

    Don't be shy, give it a try!

  • Record your Shout Out song

    Have a go at saying your line into the microphone

    Have fun!

  • It's hard work

    Keep your energy up

    Have break if you're tired!

  • Sing the verse together

    Feel how good it is to sing together

    Harmony in our Community!