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BTP Storytelling

  • Telling your story

    Get in the story telling mood!

    Get in the groove. Breathe. Use rhythm. Beat it!

  • Carnival stories...

    Bring your feelings to life.

    Make a face. Make a sound. Whisper. Shout. Sing. Roar.

  • Dream your story.

    Get some things to help you.

    Animals? Objects? Toys?

  • Your story begins...

    What's happening?

    Are you sleeping? Eating? Working? Playing? Hunting?

  • Who are you?

    Who's with you?

    A friend? a foe? a neighbour?

  • And all around you...

    What's it like?

    Sunny? Rainy? Cold? Dark? Cosy?

  • Something happens!

    Something long awaited? Or a surprise?

    Something is bought? Sold? Freed? or found?

  • So what happens then?

    Your story builds...

    Is it tricky? Is it sticky? Can you sort it? Can you solve it?

  • The big ending!

    The journey is complete.

    Where did you get to? How do you feel? A time to cry? a time to celebrate?

  • Tell your story

    Stand up. Sit down. A bonfire? A hall or a festival?

    Read it. Tell it. Draw it. Print it. Sing it. Drum it, you can even add Sign Language

  • Practice telling it again and again

    Build your confidence every time.

    Make it your own and add new ideas and storylines and see what happens

  • You can draw pictures to help you step by step

    Don't lose your place in the story plot

    Pictures will help other people too