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BTP mapping

  • How to make a Carnival Map

    Making Maps the Blue Touch Paper Way

    Maps are hard to understand, you can make maps easier with easy pictures and drawings and your voice! Our map factor team will show you how

  • Start by mapping your own route to the meeting

    Get in the mapping mood

    What was your journey like from home to the Map Factor meeting?

  • Find some maps where your carnival happens

    Look at Maps that other people have made

    Are they easy to understand or are they difficult to understand?

  • Talk about the Maps together

    What makes maps easy or hard?

    This will help you think about what you want your map to have on it

  • Start to make your own map on a flipchart

    Put down all the things you know about the route

    You'll then get an idea about what matters to people in the room

  • Think about making some picture signs for a key for your map

    How can pictures show meaning?

    Where to sit, where to buy water, where it's a steep bit... have a go!

  • Draw some cartoons to show other things

    You can use our cartoons to help you, or draw your own

    Get busy

  • Get out and walk the route

    Get the Map Factor and map the Carnival route

    Note things down that you think are important for people to know - friendly places, shops to buy water, places to sit, start points, end points...

  • Try things out, ask questions, take pictures

    Mapping can be fun to do! It's a good feeling

    You've got the Map Factor

  • You can make a photograph map so don't stop snapping

    A photo map shows things as they really are

    You can make a photo map and a map with cartoons and drawings. These help give different people information in different ways.

  • Once you've mapped, go back to base

    Map a map with the information you have found

    Cut and paste, no time to waste!

  • You can also make a voice guide

    Top tips to record that people can listen to, fresh from the Carnival route

    You can make a map that has little voice messages all over it, warnings, 'look outs..'

  • Great, so what next?

    Making your map real?

    We can help you make your map real! Contact us and we'll talk you through how you can do this. We're here to help

    Map Factor Team