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We're having a St George's Bean party

  • Get a Bean Team

    Gather a team together who will organise a great Bean Party.

  • Get a compare to lead your Bean Party

    A compare will host the Bean Party and let everyone know what is going on during the event. A compare needs to be loud and lively!

  • Share your story of your carnival

    Every carnival is based around a story or a theme. Let everyone know what the story is by acting it out or showing lots of pictures.

  • Learn the song

    With everyone gathered together at the Bean Party it will be a good opportunity to teach everyone the song or 'Enredo'. Sing nice and loud!

  • Eat beans

    A Bean Party would not be a Bean Party without some beans! Make some delicious food and share with all your friends.

  • Look at the great carnival costumes

    Gather everyone together, play some lively music and put on a catwalk to showcase the amazing carnival costumes that were made.

  • Show off your flag

    A carnival flag leads your carnival procession. Wave it high so everyone can see it!

  • Pick your t shirt design

    Not everyone will be able to wear a carnival costumes, so choose a t shirt design and get them printed for everyone to wear. 

  • Sing the samba song

    Everyone should have learnt the samba song/ 'enredo' by why not sing it all together now? 

  • Celebrate!

    SInging and dancing all together is the best way to end your Bean Party! Play the music nice and loud and sing your heart out!